I love to create, to get challenged and to enjoy life to the fullest.



Since I was a child I loved to handcraft my own jewelry. My Mother always bought me kits of pearls. Every time a friend of my mother came to our house I used to offer a pair of jewelry to them. With the years my interests changed and I stopped making jewelry. 

On January 2019 a friend of my mother came to visit her and I saw that she was wearing the earrings I made years ago. This remembered me how much love and passion I always invested on my creations. 

So I decided to order a few pearls and to see how people react to my creations. The reactions were so positive and I’ve got so much lovely messages.

My family and friends encouraged me to start my own brand and on June 2019 the brand “Madewithlovefromlux” was officially launched. 

So here it is. Have fun exploring ! I hope you love it as I do ! 


Daniela @fernandesdaniela_

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